Hello, it’s nice to meet you

I am a pretty new Atheist. I became one last year while doing research on embryonic stem cells, I couldn’t believe the amazing things that could be done with them…all the children that could be potentially saved by them. And the only cons…were religious. I couldn’t believe that people would put their own personally feelings before research that could save hundreds of thousands of children all over the world. One of my research partners were Atheist, I couldn’t tell and she didn’t go out of her way to tell me until this project came along. I was shocked! I had so many false ideas of Atheists…then that’s when the real research began.

I started with The Friendly Atheist, he made a lot of good points and as a Christian I still could watch them without being grossly offended. Then, the big one happened. I watched my childhood hero Bill Nye, debate some nut named Ken Ham…Bill’s logic was flawless and there was no way to argue it, even though my husband tried to argue it…he was not yet an Atheist.

After that, I just couldn’t stop learning. I started researching and seeking out Atheists all over the internet listening (for the first time) their arguments…and for the life of me I couldn’t find anything in the Bible to fix what they were saying. I became so disgusted with myself for all the venom I spit in defense of this fake fairy tale, a horror story really.

I could no longer look past the baby murdering in the Moses story, the flood where he would have had to kill innocent babies and animals, when he chose Lot to save after what he tried to do to his children…so many examples of just pure evil. That’s why, when people bring up Pascal’s Wager…I simply tell them: If the God of the Bible is real and I meet him when I die, I would rather burn for eternity than worship such a sadistic perverted being for all eternity.


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