A new source of reason

There are a few atheist media sources out there, most have been around for a while and their points have gotten repetitive and dare I say? Lazy. Not that I don’t still enjoy them, I have just gotten bored honestly.

This was quite the breathe of fresh air I was looking for, something new with people who really care if you listen or not. They care about their listeners because they are not over populated with people who agree with them, if you disagree with them, they won’t just say ‘who cares what you think?’ or make a 5 minute video on how stupid they think you are. Those are the atheists I’m tired of, the ones who are so very negative and angry that they just push those questioning away from atheism.

Their voices are much softer and light hearted and they sound as if they are enjoying what they do and not just doing it for attention. They also bring scientific evidence in their casts, news stories and very thoughtful incite. They are not just another group of atheists angrily cursing people who believe, it is a very nice and more logical change.

The way they handle topics, reminds me of The Friendly Atheist or even a more relaxed and down-to-earth Richard Dawkins. Calm, collected and logical. I honestly, could see myself listening to them back when I was just a Christian starting to question my beliefs, we need people like them. We need Forrest and Jerry, we need Reality Thumper.

P.S. Props for one of the most catchy theme songs! And props for the wonderful evolution segment in each episode!

Sincerely, your new biggest fan!



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