An Atheist’s Open Letter to Those Praying for His Son

I went through a similar time when my baby was hospitalized for RSV. I had people saying they were praying and I respected them and would simply say ‘thank you’, but it got aggravating. It wore on my nerves and eventually I exploded from not being honest about my feelings. They were praying to a god that killed innocent babies constantly because the parents of the children offended him. We’re atheist, we offend this imaginary being so if he did exist you would not be helping anyway! It was offensive, I seen it as people just trying to make me feel better and not actually trying to help, I just couldn’t stand the idea of a baby killing deity being prayed to to save a baby. Science saved my baby and my constant badgering of doctors till I found the right one.

Divided Under God

As many of my readers have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in about a month.  That’s because on April 27, my life got exponentially busier, when my wife went into preterm labor and delivered our son 12 weeks early.  Grayson now lays in the local neonatal intensive care unit, where he’s been since he was born.  He’s doing well and continues to grow and gain weight, but the experience has been draining — physically, emotionally, and financially.  As things normalize and he comes home, activity on will resume and most likely increase, since the field of GOP presidential hopefuls is an ever-expanding source of church/state separation editorial fodder.  I don’t normally post personal stories such as this, but since I’ve found myself in a situation that has caused monumental frustration — with my only true sympathetic outlet being my wife (who is probably tired of hearing my rants by now)…

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