I’m not afraid of you

My daughter was about 4 months when she was hospitalized with RSV, she was on oxygen and IVs, it was a difficult time for us because of previous experiences with sick children. While we were there the attacks in France happened, leading to the death of fellow artists. While I was upset and angry about that, my family and friends on Facebook kept telling me they’d ‘pray’ for my child…which only added insult to injury as I was already furious with religion. I took a paper plate that was from my bagel that I had for breakfast that morning in the hospital, and a pen and drew this picture.

While it was drawn out of anger and frustration, I stand by it 100%. We need to stop letting fear rule our minds, fear is the core of religion and we all to often let it get to us atheists as well. We become afraid for our lives and those around us and in doing so we allow the oppression of our liberty. This only makes what they do justified in some sick and twisted way, we have to take a stand against fear, we have to not be afraid to openly mock religion.

We must not be afraid to draw Muhammad.


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