That 14 year old asked for it!

So I’m just scrolling down my timeline and I come upon a rather largely accepted fallacy. What a person wears versus their likelihood of being raped. It had a comparison photo of how 14 year olds dressed in the 90’s, to today’s youth.

14 90's

So let’s go through this post one step at a time shall we?

1. Kids were still raped in the 90’s, no matter who they were.

2. There is 100% no way to tell the ages of those photoed.

3. Most parents in the US are christian and don’t allow their kids to dress anywhere near how these women are, they most likely posted it online and didn’t actually wear the outfits in public.

4. There has been multiple studies on the subject of rape victims and what they were wearing and the studies all seem to concur that clothes have 100% nothing to do with their chances of being raped.

This is one study, done by The University of Minnesota:

“Rapists act without considering their victim’s physical appearance, dress, age, race, gender, or social status. Assailants seek out victims who they perceive to be vulnerable. The Orange County Rape Crisis Center has worked with victims from infancy to ninety-two years of age and from all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.”

So next time you see one of these pictures and think ‘hey that seems like a valid argument’ do your research first. Be a skeptic, don’t fuel the hate flames.

Also, please stop the slut shaming, there is nothing wrong with what they do unless they hurt somebody else in the process, then they did something wrong.


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