Pro-choice, to keep or not.

I get very frustrated when people call a fetus, a parasite. I am very pro-choice so that means I support a woman’s right to choose, I am not against people choosing to have children. Stop saying we are becoming over-populated. So what’s the difference between a parasite and a fetus?

is a non-mutual symbiotic relationship between species, where one species, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host.

That sounds a bit like a fetus but let’s look into a symbiotic relationship:

Symbiotic relationships include those associations in which one organism lives on another (ectosymbiosis, such as mistletoe), or where one partner lives inside the other (endosymbiosis, such as lactobacilli and other bacteria in humans or Symbiodinium incorals).

So which is it? Is a fetus a parasite or part of a symbiotic relationship?

A parasite can not survive without a host and does not benefit the host. A symbiote can often live on it’s own and does benefit the host. While those who have never had a child find it difficult to understand the benefits of being pregnant, there are quite a few and not to mention it is how our species reproduces. A fetus can not always survive without a host but after a certain amount of gestation it can especially with the furthering of our medical knowledge. So the lines are not well drawn, there is no way to say for certain which one it is and therefore is illogical to just throw around classifications without due research.

So what about over population?

The world population is now estimated at 7.2 billion. But with current industrial technologies, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has estimated that the more than nine billion people expected by 2050 as the population nears its peak could be supported as long as necessary investments in infrastructure and conducive trade, anti-poverty and food security policies are in place. Who knows what will be possible with the technologies of the future? The important message from these rough numbers should be clear. There really is no such thing as a human carrying capacity. We are nothing at all like bacteria in a petri dish.

So over population is really just something to get people all worked up over nothing.

What harm are we doing then by suggesting to fellow atheists that they should not reproduce? Well being from a Mormon family I know first hand how much theists regard breeding. They already out number us so very much and will continue to do so until we become:

1. More active in de-conversion

2. Feel compelled to raise our own offspring as atheists

3. Be supportive of those atheists who do not want to breed

4. Be more supportive of those atheist who do want to breed

We should not be trying to make others feel bad for their reproductive choices, that is after all what being pro-choice is all about.

P.S. I am still a supporter of all our atheist media hosts, they provide an important face to our efforts but they need to be more aware of that fact. It may not have been their intentions at first but they have a responsibility now to be real sources of reason and good.


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